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Brake Pads GIC D766 Premium Metallic-Front


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  • Pads de frenos delanteros Metálicos
  • Hecho en China
  • Incluye 4 Pads de frenos

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GIC Brake Pads are precision products which have been designed, tested and manufactured to withstand the stress involved in braking the new generation of cars and trucks on the road today. The most modern technical resources incorporated in our research and development department have made possible the formulation of the friction materials most adapted to each requirement. In response to the permanent challenges of the automotive industry.

An ongoing program of research and development. Backed up by extensive field tests, are carried out to ensure that all new formulations are specifically tailored to meet the safety requirements of the ever changing marketplace.

Our laboratory is our most important department. Not only is our product continuously subjected to quality control testing here, but this is the place where the formulation is developed.

Our GIC2626FF Formulation is a product of high quality combined with the following advantages:

  • A constant coefficient of friction of 0.45 at temperatures varying from 350c. 450c. and up to 600c.
  • No Squeal
  • Smooth Braking Action
  • No Disc Wear or Scoring
  • Minimum Fading

These characteristics are the result of a comparison test carried out on our dynamometer with other internationally renown brakes of disc brake pads.

GIC is also a licensee of Friction Material Institute (FMSI) and all GIC brake pads meet the International Homologation tests and independent laboratory results are obtained from:

American Associations of Motor Vehicle Administrators

A.A.M.V.A. United States

GIC is also an ISO9001 Registered Company that is certified by:


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Año Marca Modelo
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1997 Kia Sephia
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Brake Pads GIC D766 Premium Metallic-Front