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Shock Strut KYB 232027 – Rear


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  • Shock Strut
  • Amortiguador (Puntal)
  • KYB
  • Rear
  • Trasero
  • Metallic
  • Metálico
  • Made in Japan
  • Hecho en Japón

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Ride Comfort may be important, but restoring a vehicle’s Ride Control, stability, stopping, lane change responsiveness and handling is critical. KYB Excel-G Shocks and Struts are designed for the most important performance purpose: Restoring the vehicle’s original capabilities. KYB is a world leading supplier of shocks and struts to new vehicle manufacturers and the Excel-G is made on the very same KYB OE assembly lines, uses the same OE quality components and is calibrated to restore original, designed performance, not change it. That has earned Excel-G the classification: OEA (Original Equipment for the Aftermarket). The KYB Excel-G is a nitrogen gas-charged, twin-tube design that includes every quality component that our global OEM products include and it is the preferred choice by professional technicians.

  • KYB recommended OEM replacement strut
  • The KYB Excel-G helps restore the designed control and handling of your vehicle
  • The KYB Excel-G uses a triple lip fluid seal to reduce the chance of oil and gas leaking out
  • Vehicle specific, hand assembled, in-house damping valves correctly manage tire contact, steering response and body movement
  • Electronic safety systems depend on the suspension, brakes and tires operating as the vehicle manufacturer intended. The KYB Excel-G helps keep Electronic Safety Systems performing as designed.
  • KYB has the strongest and thickest strut bodies and brackets in the industry; minimizing flex to maintain correct alignment in all conditions
  • To reduce the chance of noise and vibration KYB recommends installing new strut mounts, part number: SM5108

Información adicional

Peso 5.43 lbs
Dimensiones 15.83 in
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